All of our coffees are roasted just up the road in our little roastery on the ormeau road

Our cafe & Brew Bar

Our Cafe & Brew Bar is where you can find a warm welcome and a reprieve from the hustle of the day. Equipped with the most advanced coffee brewing equipment in the world and staffed by expert baristas, it's a place to experience a wonderful cup of coffee or buy some beans to bring home. 

Our Sundries

Coffee can be even better when thoughtfully paired with great food. Our offering isn't extensive, but it's good and it's local produce. 


For since we don't compromise on the quality of our coffee, we needed a tea that would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with it. At the end of our search we arrived at a Specialty Tea company called Chash Tea, based in London. We offer a range of their teas and herbal infusions and brew them with the same attention to detail as our coffee. 

OUR EVENT catering

Our aim is to offer you a world class coffee experience at the Ormeau Baths.

We work exclusively with seasonal speciality coffee and ensure that the farmers, their labourers and cooperatives are well paid for it. When the green coffee arrives at our Roastery, we roast it in a way that we believe elevates its inherent sweetness, before brewing it on the most advanced equipment in the world.  Finally, it is served with our full range of sundries and teas.

For an up to date menu and costs please email: