We take great delight in sourcing, roasting, and pouring the best coffee we know how. In doing so, our aim is to improve conditions for the farmers, the environment, and you. 

After 5 years of hauling pop-up gear all over Ireland to events and festivals, our love of coffee forced our hand: we needed to find a home. Until now, we were here, we were there, and then we were gone again. It wouldn't do to have no answer to the oft asked question "So where are you guys based?" A sign of permanence for our customers and a symbol of commitment to our coffee aspirations, we knew we needed a roof over our heads. In addition, it wasn't enough to have our coffee sourced and roasted for us by others in London - we wanted to do this ourselves. And so what are our aspirations? Simply, to host a world-renowned roastery and bars known for quality, innovation, and welcome. 


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