Saints & Scholars V3 - Brazil/Tanzania


Saints & Scholars V3 - Brazil/Tanzania


Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Almond, Black Cherry, Orange & Caramel

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Origin: 50% Tanzania
Location: Shilanga
Varieties: Kent Peaberry
Process: Washed

Origin: 50% Brazil
Location: Luis Robert Dos Reis
Varieties: Mundo Novo
Process: Natural

Notes: Milk Chocolate, Almond, Black Cherry, Orange & Caramel

This season’s Saints & Scholars is a composite of two incredible, high-scoring coffees, full of individual character to enliven your senses and allow you to see the immense possibility of a considered blend. Whether as espresso, filter or french press, with or without milk, our hope is that Version 3 of ‘Saints’ lights you up and provides a moment of delight in your day.
We are honoured to pair, Brazilian farmer Luis Robert Dos Reis’ naturally processed lot from the Minas Gerais with a standout washed peaberry variety from the Shilanga farmers group (around 80 smallholder farmers) in South Mbozi, Tanzania.

Our packaging is fully compostable and features imagery by local Belfast Artist, Glenn Kennedy.