Sitio Cachoeira #01 - Brazil


Sitio Cachoeira #01 - Brazil


Tasting Notes: Natural Plum Wine, Florals & Chocolate

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Origin: Brazil
Producer: Rodrigo Pereira da Silva
Varieties: Red Catuai
Process: Natural

Location: Sitio Cachoeira
Region: Mantiqueira de Minas
Elevation: 1300m
Notes: Natural plum wine, florals & chocolate

Rodrigo inherited his grandfather’s little coffee farm. He produces around 50 bags a year and we’re excited to have bought them. His lack of machinery and equipment brings a simplicity to his farming and processing, but with the simplicity comes a remarkable purity. This is the first of his two lots that we’re releasing and it has echoes of some of the natural wines that we love. Recommended for espresso but lovely on filter too.

Our packaging is fully compostable and features imagery by local Belfast Artist, Glenn Kennedy.