Cibitoke, Burundi (1kg)


Process: Natural
Notes: Caramel, Pineapple, Orange Wine, IPA

We are delighted to have a natural Burundi back on our shelves, especially one as interesting as Cibitoke. Through choosing this coffee as one of our subscription coffees for this month, we have the great opportunity to promote an independent producer. Coffee production in Burundi has grown rapidly, and has today put 55% of the population into employment. It is essential for the welfare and increased living standards of Burundians. However, 95% of the sector belongs to two big players. We have chosen to showcase Cibitoke, as it comes from Sehe, a washing station owned by Salum, the only Burundian producer to have his own farms and washing stations.

Salum’s farm is located in Mbirizi, and is also one of the largest in the country with 7000 trees. It’s four washing stations are all located between 1700 and 2100 meters above sea level, where he works with more than 8700 farmers. Alongside paying a significantly higher price for his cherries, Salum has also created his own transport company to control the delivery of his coffees from the washing station to the port.

We think natural Burundis are some of the most interesting coffees out there, and often offer something different to other African naturals. With a complex sweetness, mixed with a beautiful tropical acidity, we found Cibitoke to be reminiscent of drinking a glass of orange wine, or a refreshingly light IPA. It’s a funky one for sure, one that’ll keep you interested throughout each brew.