Coffee in the world class

Coffee in the world class


This class is run by Simon, the founder of Root & Branch Coffee. He will take you on a journey through specialty coffee giving you a foundation in various aspects of the industry. This class will be more theoretical and knowledge building than our other classes and is designed for those who have an interest in coffee beyond merely brewing it at home. We’ll look at the history of coffee; its farming, processing, seasonality, and threats from climate change. We’ll look at fair trade vs direct trade, coffee biology and chemistry and how these inform its roasting and cup characteristics. This class is designed to be fun, insightful and particularly suited to larger groups.

This class is taught at our Roastery and training facility at Portview Trade Centre in East Belfast (Map). The class runs from 10am-12pm and costs £35 which includes a can of coffee for you to bring home.

20 spaces available.