Gichathaini AA, Kenya (170g)


Process: Washed
Notes: Blackcurrant, Raspberries, Strawberry Jam & Vanilla

The first of the big Kenyans hits our 2020 menu! This AA from Nyeri is one of 3 washing stations owned by the Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society in Nyeri. The cooperative currently has around 770 contributing farmers all of whom are paid advances for education in sustainable farming before being paid the full premium on delivering the calibre of coffee Nordic Approach and we would expect. The water for this washed coffee is drawn from the nearby Ragati river using gravity fed channels and is recirculated during processing for conservation purposes.

With SL28 and 34 with Batian and Ruiru 11 varietals, expect the big jammy blackcurrant notes in this, with vanilla and raspberry also coming through strongly. Year after year this is always a strong coffee and continues to flex its muscle for the 2020 season.