Gulmarg Estate, Kenya (170g)


Process: Natural
Notes: Plum, Campari Orange, Red Grape, Milk Chocolate

From the Kiambu region in Kenya, this SL28 coffee is naturally processed on raised African beds at 2000m. More well known for producing exceptionally juicy washed process coffees, this is a rarity from Kenya.

Just outside of Nairobi, this estate was once part of the British Colony and on decolonisation, was sold back to local Kenyans. With the urban sprawl of Nairobi ever growing, coffee production has gradually diminished, leaving some small holder farmers and handful of estates such as Gulmarg. Gulmarg has a legacy of producing fine coffees and a deep repository of experience that we hope you taste in the quality of this full bodied offering from Gulmarg Estate. 

Origin: Kenya
Producer: Gulmarg 
Varieties: SL28
Harvest: 2019
Location: Gulmarg Estate
Region: Kiambu
Elevation: 2000m