Hambela Wamena #1, Ethiopia (1kg)


Process: Natural
Notes: Strawberry, Passionfruit, Blackberry, Bergamot

From Hambela in Guji, this coffee is from one of three washing stations owned by Mekuria Mergia. The station buys from around 500 farmers, each of whom register with their kids so that the washing station can in turn help supply school materials etc for the children. The farmers have, on average, around 1-2 hectares with some 1200 trees per hectare with each tree yielding around 2-3kgs.

Once harvested and hand-sorted, the cherries are laid out on drying tables a few cms deep. After around a week, they lay them 6-10cms deep and are covered at the hottest times of the day and again at night to protect from frost. Drying naturals at these altitudes can take around 20 days.

Naturally processed coffees from Ethiopia seem to have a cult following. We receive more emails through the year asking about their release than perhaps any other coffee. So, we’re pleased to bring you our first of the year, and it’s just as ‘fermenty’ and funky as you’d like it to be. Watch our video for a few more details on it.