Jacqueline’s 87, Guatemala (170g)

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Process: Washed
NotesLemon Sherbert, Vanilla, Marzipan & Honey

This is the first Guatemalan coffee on our shelves for a while, and it’s a good one. Named after the farm owner’s wife, Jacqueline’s 87 is a washed coffee that seriously jumped out at us on the cupping table. Guatemalan coffees are always super interesting, but maintain a good balance. Jacqueline’s 87 is no exception to this sentiment. There is a beautiful sweetness to this coffee with notes of vanilla and marzipan present on first taste. At the top of the cup we experienced a delicate balance with a lemon sherbert acidity. 

This coffee is harvested at optimum maturity. Once de-pulped, it is left in a fermentation tank for 24-48 hours, depending on the climate. It is then washed, sorted by density, and dried on a patio for 10 to 16 days. Produced by the La Bolsa farm, this microdot is cultivated in one of the highest ‘Ventana Grande’ plots. Grown in a limestone soil characteristic of the Huehuetenango region, this unique coffee benefits from the ideal weather conditions in which it is produced. The farm’s owner, Renardo, received daily help from his wife Jacquline who establishes profiles and characteristics for the farm’s coffees. This coffee bears her name followed by the score she gave it, in honour of her passion and expertise. The Ovalle family invests a great deal in their employees by developing a number of ambitious social projects for their plantations, including, a day care facility and school for their employees’ children, meals for all workers, and a higher wage than that paid by most of the country’s farms. As always, we’re delighted that we have the opportunity to showcase and support projects such as this through our East Belfast Roastery.