Nano Challa #1, Ethiopia (1kg)

Nano Challa #1, Ethiopia (1kg)

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Process: Washed
Notes: Lemon Starburst & Elderflower

Nano Challa is a cooperatively produced coffee from an area close to Jimma. It’s an area which whilst lesser known in coffee production compared to Guji or Yirgacheffe, is becoming more and more recognised for producing extremely high quality coffees, year in year out. This is no exception. Grown by a cooperative of some 100 smallholder farmers who are part of the Kata Muduga Union, the coffee is brought to the Nano Challa washing station where the farmers are paid first payment, the coffee is processed, and after milling, the farmers receive a second payment based on quality.

We love the clean structure of washed Ethiopian coffees and they almost always, without question, win the coffee of the year for the R&B barista team. We have poured this across every brew method on our bars as we fine tuned it and got it ready for release, and it’s absolutely wonderful. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we are.