Nicolas Colque, Bolivia (170g)


Process: Honey, Organic
Notes: Chocolate, Vanilla, Grapefruit

Bolivian coffees are grown at very high altitudes, and for that reason, often sparkle. Nicolas Colque moved, with his grandma to the area in which he now lives in 1997. On his little parcel of land, he started growing rice and tomatoes, and since then, has progressively invested in more land to start and expand his small coffee farm. Now, at 7 hectares, it’s still small, but his aspiration to eventually ship 2 full container of 90 scoring coffee remains undeterred. Shade grown under laurels and cedars.

His harvest of Red Catuai is honey processed and Prin has been really enjoying roasting and cupping it in our roastery. It’s a fully organic certified coffee with notes of chocolate, vanilla, and a grapefruit acidity. Again, we chose this to be part of our Christmas collection because the notes fit the season and it’s just a great coffee to celebrate with.