Refisa Ato Abadir, Ethiopia (170g)

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Process: Natural
Notes: Forest Berries, Peach, Elderflower, Black Tea

Refisa Ato Abadir is a single farmer produced coffee from near the Refisa washing station in the heart of the Nensebo Woreda region. It acts as a collection point from some 650 smallholder farmers who each bring their cherry for processing. On this occasion, our sourcing partners Nordic Approach have identified a single lot from farmer Ato Abadir Hussen. Ato and his family used to grow maize and corn until around 10 years ago when they began to plant coffee trees. With a farm of 24 hectares, his farm is 10x larger than most other farmers in the region. He has focused on Kurume and Wolisho varietals and once the cherries are perfectly ripe, they are picked and laid on African patio tables for natural drying.

This is a clean and crisp cup for a natural coffee and is both bright and sweet with some citrus acidity, but is predominantly peachy, floral, and has black tea tannins coming through.