Sable Farm, Malawi (170g)


Process: Washed
Notes: Plum, Lime, Goji Berry, Green Tea

Malawi is a small landlocked African country in the Rift Valley. With high and cooler altitudes, it is well placed for growing coffee, which many have done since coffee arrived there in 1878. In the centre and north of the country, small groups of farmers have formed cooperatives or ‘Unions’ but are relatively insignificant compared to exports in tobacco, sugar and tea.

Sable Farm is in the south and has been growing coffee, alongside macadamia nuts and dairy production for 30 years. This varietal is an SL28 and is a washed process coffee. This is our first coffee from this country and we’re very excited about it. Expect notes of goji berry, lime and green tea and a lovely balance of delicate yet robust flavours.