Saints & Scholars, Ethiopia (1 kg)


Process: Washed (Organic)
Notes: Limoncello, Bergamot & Peach

We have no doubt in our minds that the return of Saints & Scholars will be a more than welcome one. We’ve never received more emails or questions regarding a coffee since it left our shelves! And what a return this is. Our new Saints & Scholars returns as an organic washed coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopia. Hunkute has been a stable classic over the years, and is always super popular. When on the hunt for our latest version of Saints and Scholars, we always aim for a solid and interesting coffee, one that is approachable and works well in milk, but also holds a complexity. Hunkute is all of these things.

This coffee hails from Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, a cooperative that supports more than 50 washing stations with technical support and finance. Our new Saints and Scholars is one of them, and among our favourite cooperative washing stations in Ethiopia. Hunkute is located in the Wonsho district, close to Yirgalem town in Sidama - one of Simon’s all time favourite regions for coffee! Expect an intensely floral and balanced coffee with this one. Will dense layers of florals, grilled stone fruit and a beautiful citrus acidity, this is a washed Ethiopian at its best. Three cheers for the return of Saints and Scholars!