Samaria La Minas, Nicaragua (Honey Anaerobic) (170g)

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Process: Honey Anaerobic
Notes: Milk Chocolate, Spiced Apple & Cherry Pie

The Peralta family’s history of growing coffee goes back to the early 20th century, but in 2008 they made the move to specialty coffee and made the accompanying investments to do so. This coffee is one of their special preparations and is an anaerobic process which basically starves the depulped coffee of oxygen during fermentation. In our experience, it’s difficult to hit the balance between having anaerobic processes tasting great, and having an overwhelming amount of off ferment flavours present. After the anaerobic process, the coffee is laid out on multi-layered beds and turned three times per day in the sun. The farm is in Dipilito located in lush dense forest and on rolling hills, making it a perfect place for coffee processing.

We have cupped coffees from this farm before and always been impressed even though we’ve never bought any. On this occasion, we scored the coffee higher than we’ve scored any anaerobic processed coffees before and think that the Peraltas have really achieved a very high quality coffee and succeeded with this experimental preparation. We hope you are of the same mind!