Telma Machado, Brazil (1kg)

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Process: Natural
Notes: Chocolate Profiteroles, Toffee, Nuts

It goes without say that you need a naturally processed Brazilian on your menu. Move over Eagle Mogiana and welcome Telma Machado. From the Cerrado region of Brazil, Telma was recently widowed and pressed on in managing their farm on her own. Her interest in agriculture came from the tradition of her husband’s family. Before coffee, they had a grain farm and decided to shift into coffee. They planted seedlings and their own nursery kicked into gear. Nurseries often turn into farms, and that’s exactly what happened with Telma’s 26 acres.

Telma’s coffee is a mixture of Mundo Novo and Caturra and grows at around 1000m.

When we cupped it, we were immediately impressed with the creaminess which along with the defined milk chocolate notes, struck us as tasting just like chocolate profiteroles. On taste, it was exactly where we wanted it to be. Added to this, the coffee is part of a project called ‘Cafe Delas’, meaning ‘Her Coffee’ in Portuguese. Telma says  of the project:

“Being part of Café Delas for me is very important because the project valued my coffee and valued my life. Every meeting that happens, whenever I can go, I am there. We feel more recognized. This project is valuing the women’s work, women are conquering a lot lately, so it is another achievement for women rural producers.”

We have contracted half a shipping container from Telma, and paid a 5% premium on top of what she needed in order to support gender equality within the specialty coffee industry. Obviously we were somewhat concerned about this volume owing to the current Coronavirus situation, but we’re hoping that you like it as much as we did and that we can still sell the volume we’ve committed to.