The Virgin, Colombia (170g)


Process: Washed & Cask-aged
Notes: Whiskey, Baked Apples, Plum, Hops

La Virgen is a 34 hectare farm with altitudes from 1890-2100m in Antioquia, Colombia. Farmed by Don Jaimie Ariza but produced by our friend Juan Saldariagga, La Virgen coffees are typically exceptionally well processed and continuously deliver interesting, fruity and complex characteristics in the cup. This washed caturra is no different, with notes of baked apples, plum and hops, it makes for a delicious Christmas coffee.

Two years ago, we were commissioned by Bushmills USA to produce a festive coffee for and with them. Our brief was to come up with a coffee that would work well in an Irish coffee cocktail. Fortunately it did, but we felt that the whiskey notes were a little too front and centre and obscured the coffee that we used. Since 'The Virgin’ immediately struck us as being a perfect coffee for Christmas, we thought we’d subject it to some Bushmills cask conditioning, but more with the brewed coffee itself in mind than for a cocktail. For this reason, we dried out the casks by another 5% on this occasion, but left the green coffee in them for the same amount of time. In the end, we felt that this maintained the integrity of the coffee’s own unique profile, whilst adding a little playfulness and an ever-so-subtle hint of whiskey in the finish. We think that t’ll finish off any Christmas dinner with aplomb, and through the cold and wintry month of December, be a coffee that you’ll want to return to again and again.

We hope that you enjoy and…happy Christmas from all at R&B.