Uraga, Ethiopia (1kg)


Process: Washed, Organic
Notes: Mandarin Orange, Blackcurrant, Tangfastics

This washed coffee from Guji in Ethiopia should be no stranger to you if you’ve been drinking our coffee for a while. It usually appears each season and is often lauded as one of our favourite team coffees at the end of the year. This might be no exception. Now matured and rested, more of its character is coming through compared to when it’s just harvested and processed. It’s perhaps a little less floral than most Uraga’s we’ve had in the past, but what it lacks in floral notes, it more than makes up for with fruit. Much like a fruit punch, this coffee is layered with lovely fruit characteristics and is the work of 430 farmers having their cherries impeccably processed by Fedaku at the Uraga Haro washing station.