Villa Clabelina #2, Colombia (170g)

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Managed by our friend Juan Saldariagga, this farm is owned by Hernan Prieto. Juan has assisted in helping develop production protocols and implementing best practice around the farm. Hernan claims 'Coffee is an experience; a feeling', and you could tell as he was grinning from ear to ear as he showed us his beautiful old farm. Meticulously clean and cared for, it was planted over 50 years ago, and yet is in such good order, you wouldn't know. 

This was another impressive coffee on the table, and being one of this farm's first natural lots, it's strong and bodes well for the future. We are glad to be supporting this initiative and the Coffee Growers Association that it's part of. 

PLEASE NOTE: We roast and flush all of our coffees in nitrogen as whole bean giving 3 months of just roasted freshness. All of our coffees, with the exception of those on our subscription plan, are sealed as wholebean. However, if you are buying from our online shop and would like your coffee ground, please leave a message in the notes at check-out saying you'd like it ground and your brew method and we'll open the can and grind prior to sending. Please be aware that this will only give 3 weeks of freshness rather than our normal 3 months.