Ainabtany AA, Kenya (1kg)

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Process: Washed
Notes: Lemonade, Blackcurrant, Brown Sugar

Kenya has long been renowned for its cutting edge approach to coffee. Partly inspired by the need for innovation owing to climatic challenges, they have been funded to evolve their plantations through carefully selecting and cultivating varietals resistant to coffee berry disease and leaf rust. This, for example, is how varieties like SL28 & SL34 came to be and which are now universally recognised for big blackcurrant flavours. This research continues as we see Ruari and Batian being grafted in to assist coffee plant resistance.

Ainabtany has been brought to us from an old friend but new importer to us - James from Omwani Coffee. James sourced this from Lot 20 who work with larger and small lot producers from Kericho and Bomet counties south of the Rift Valley. Rather than the usual route to market via the auction, Lot 20 are trying to bring coffee to market directly thereby increasing transparency. They are focused on innovation, quality and with new nurseries, longevity.

Aside from producing extremely high impressive coffee, they also have a focus on improving the livelihood of their farmers and labourers by bringing financial education. This is especially important to us at Root & Branch as we feel that most of the predicament coffee producing countries find themselves in is primarily because they don’t understand basic economics.