Almaz Sahille #1, Ethiopia (170g)

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Process: Natural
Notes: Fudge, Purple fruit & Hibiscus

We’re revisiting our favourite origin - Ethiopia - and bringing you a naturally processed coffee from Yirgacheffe. Almaz Sahille, a female farmer, with 11 kids and who has a good sized farm. She only produces naturally processed coffees and this is a single lot from her farm. Single lots, unblended from Ethiopia are still a relatively rare phenomenon, so we’re delighted to have this one, sourced by our friends at Nordic Approach. We haven’t listed bubblegum on the label, but it’s definitely a forward taste-note of this coffee, along with fudge and purple fruit. As a team, we’re loving it, so before we drink it all ourselves, we’d best share it. Whether on espresso or filer, you too will love it.