Aricha, Ethiopia (170g)

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Process: Carbonic Maceration, Natural
Notes: White Rum, Blood Orange, Caramel

Aricha is a high altitude microdot from Kochere in Yirgacheffe. Comprised of local heirloom varieties, it extremely high quality as you would expect from one of the most lauded coffee growing areas in the world. Following its harvest, it is subjected to a very controlled and precise fermentation technique called carbonic maceration. The harvested cherries are placed in stainless steel tanks which see all oxygen removed and Co2 being pumped in to facilitate a faster fermentation. Sugars and pectins are broken down and the resulting beans are left with a very sweet taste upon drying. If naturally processed Ethiopian coffees are your thing, we’re absolutely certain you’re going to love this one. To get the most from it, we’d recommend pouring this over filter and allow to cool somewhat before drinking.