Bomba de Fruta #3, Colombia (170g)

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Process: Natural
Notes: Orange wine, Caramel, Thyme

It’s always a challenge finding coffees that question the convention. Naturally produced coffees tend to be heavy on flavour and mouthfeel, but can lack complexity and uniqueness. This coffee was sourced by our partners at Nordic Approach and having been in Colombia with them, have witnessed their ability to hunt down these special cups. It’s really not common to find naturally produced coffees in Colombia since the National Federation of Coffee Growers will only buy washed coffees that meet their standards. This means that most farmers need to hedge against naturals not working out by harvesting washed coffees too. Some Narino farmers are prepared to take this risk and this is one example. Grown at a higher altitude, the coffees are harvested through 3 or 4 passes, with the middle 2 often providing the best quality cherries. After this they are meticulously fermented and sun-dried in parabolic dryers. Finally, they are shipped to us, where we roast it to the best of our ability and ready it for your cup.