Cafex Shikanoni, Burundi (170g)

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Process: Washed
Notes: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Berries

Burundi, probably my favourite of the African centrals, generally offers delicious and accessible chocolate dominated coffees with a surprising edge. Cafex Shikanoni is no different. Cafex was a project started by a Burundi-Belgian couple who wanted to encourage and exclusively promoted the production of sustainable specialty coffee on their ancestral lands.

They partnered with Ikawa Nziza and created the first purpose-built mill, at altitude near the farms and specifically for specialty coffee. On arrival at the mill with their coffees in the evening, the producers are paid directly, which is unusual. This enables them to access healthcare and buy books or send their kids to school. The benefits of the mill in the community are tangible. After receiving the coffee, the mill workers labour through the night processing the coffee in the optimal conditions of this location. Finally, we’re left with fantastic micro-lots that we’re proud to represent here at Root & Branch. This coffee is wonderful as both espresso and filter and has notes of dark chocolate, vanilla and berries.