Codemu, Burundi (1kg)

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Process: Washed 
Notes: Orange, Chocolate, Blackberry

Codemu Co-operative was set up in 2008 in the Kayanza region of Burundi.

Burundi has an interesting past when it comes to coffee. Colonising Belgians forced the people of Burundi to grow coffee to pay taxes; a story all too familiar. When coffee prices tanked in the early 2000’s, the farmers lost focus on quality and smuggled their coffee into neighbouring Rwanda and Tanzania to attempt to command better prices. As the price began to rise once again, they realised it was quality driven, so they assiduously watched Rwandan farmers practices in a bid to emulate them and ramp up the quality.

This process was helped through Schlutter - the importer we work with on this coffee - who committed to raise economic growth in the country through better farm and wet-mill management. This coffee in particular reflects that commitment being the fruit of some 200 small farmers in a cooperative. It is a red bourbon, harvested at 1600-1800m and processed in a typical washed fashion, leaving excellent clarity and the sweetness we’ve come to expect from great Central African coffees.