Condor (Decaf), Colombia (170g)

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Process: Sugar Cane Process
Notes: Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Coconut

This is our latest decaffeinated offering, Condor, from Elias & Shady Bayter and their farm, El Vergel Estates in the Tolima region of Colombia. We were blown away by this decaf’s cup profile during cupping. Beautifully balanced with notes of smooth dark chocolate and sweet Raspberry; virtually indistinguishable from caffeinated coffee. A real showcase of how far speciality decaf coffee has come over the past few years!

Elias & Shandy have developed Condor Decaf meticulously to raise the standard of decaf in Colombia. Using red and yellow caturra varieties, harvested coffee cherries are washed with 18 hours fermentation, dried on raised beds before being milled and taken to the EA Sugarcane plant in a town near their farm.

The decaffeination process of this coffee is often described as the ’natural process’. This sugarcane process uses ethyl-acetate as a selective solvent to remove caffeine from the green coffee, this is a naturally occurring organic compound produced by the fermentation of fruits. By using the ethyl-acetate produced by the sugarcane industry, the decaffeination process is conducted locally and in country, ensuring the reducing of the carbon footprint of the coffee.