Cordillera del Fuego, Costa Rica (1kg)

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Process: Thermic Fermentation Natural
Notes: Raspberry, Cinnamon, Cherry

Before 2001 in Costa Rica, all producers delivered their cherries to large industrial cooperatives. They controlled the agricultural part of the chain, but after the harvest they lost all control over their production. After 2001, things changed. Two precursors, the finca La Candelia and the Barrantes family (Cafetalera Herbazu) built a micro mill, the first independent one in Costa Rica. They opened the way to greater independence for producers, as they were finally able to process their products themselves. Cordillera del Fuego is the name of this independent micro mill, located in the western valley, Tarrazu area. This private beneficio, managed by 2 partners, produces about 8000 bags/year. Luis Campos has been a pioneer of new coffee preparation processes. Even if today anaerobic and thermal processes are in vogue, at the time, embarking on this new path represented a major risk as this type of coffee was brand new on the market.

As a skinny on thermic fermentation, after having the mucilage partially removed, the remaining beans still partially covered in cherry, are shock heated to 70 degrees and under pressure in steel tanks. This caramelises the sugars and pectins and sets them up beautifully for a long slow ferment for around 80 hours afterwards. The slower process allows for all of the flavour to seep into the beans prior to being dried. We’re then left with a really full-bodied and flavoursome cup with strong notes of cinnamon as well as pineapple, raspberry and cherry.