Donaldo Gonzalez, Honduras (Organic) (1kg)

Donaldo Gonzalez, Honduras (Organic) (1kg)


Process: 24hr Macerated Natural
Notes: Pineapple, Pink Lemonade & Blueberry

Donaldo Gonzalez is the general manager and founding member of the Aruco cooperative. He also owns his own farm, Sol Naciente. His 7 hectare farm is mostly planted with red and yellow catuai, be he’s also now planting Lempire, Parainema and IHCAFE90. His yellow catuai cherries are showing much higher sugar and acid levels than other cherries, which gives this cup a really sweet and unique profile.

Origin: Honduras
Producer: Donaldo Gonzalez Fiallos
Varieties: Parainema & Catuai
Process: 24hr Macerated Natural
Harvest: 2019
Location: Los Limos, Corquin
Region: Copan
Elevation: 1250m