El Encanto Geisha, Colombia (170g)


Process: Washed
Notes: Cherry, Green Apple, Hibiscus, Rose Water

We’ve finally roasted a Geisha! And we’re delighted that it’s come from one of our favourite coffee farmers from Colombia, Juan Saldariagga. Let us introduce you to El Encanto Geisha.

El Encanto is a farm located at 1380-1800 metres above sea level in the city of Bolivar in Antioquia and is one of Juan’s two farms. It is his father’s favourite farm, where they like to retreat from the hustle and bustle, and enjoy the beautiful views and tranquility. If you’ve been drinking our coffee for some time, we can almost guarantee you’ve consumed some of Juan’s produce. Some of our most popular coffees of late have come from one of Juan’s farms, so we’re delighted to pair with him for the launch of our first ever Geisha.

This coffee is everything we love about a Geisha coffee. Delicate, interesting, and complex. A deep cherry sweetness, paired with a green-apple acidity, and a rose water florality at the top of the cup. This is a well-bodied coffee with a round mouthfeel, that we’re very proud of. We hope you love it.