El Meson Pink Bourbon, Colombia (170g)

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Process: Washed
Notes: Lemon, Honey, Berries & Milk Chocolate

El Meson is sourced by Azahar Coffee. We met Tyler - one of the co-founders - back in 2017 and were impressed with his passion for Colombian coffee and his ethical approach to the business. That same day we cupped some of the coffees from Huila that he was representing and determined that we needed some of them on Root & Branch’s menu.

Huila is a wonderfully beautiful coffee producing region, comprised of many small farmers farming at high altitudes on small lots. Year in, year out, Colombia’s Cup of Excellence prize is awarded to a farmer for this region, owing to the nearly perfect coffee growing conditions. It is true that other areas such as Antioquia are quickly catching up, but Huila definitely has natural advantages that no enhanced production techniques can match.

El Meson is a wonderful washed pink bourbon varietal from the finca of Luz Divia Ferrero and her husband Elpidio. Preferring to go by their nicknames Sandy and Pillo, they farm around 34 hectares and inherited the land from Sandy’s father Angel. They planted around 20,000 pink bourbon saplings 3 years ago with this being their first harvest.

They are insanely generous to those who come to work on their farm and ensure they are well fed from the yucca, plantain and sugarcane that they also grow on their land. Added to that, they make sure to pay them well in return for good quality of picking.

We loved this coffee when we first cupped it. The balance of honey-like sweetness with some acidity makes it an exceptional coffee which we’re sure you’ll equally enjoy. We hope that you appreciate the work and forces of nature that have gone into producing it.