El Triunfo #1, Colombia (1kg)


Process: Washed
Notes: Blackcurrant, Cherries, Citrus, Brown Sugar

We’re back with another delicious washed Colombian coffee for you this month. And another incredible cooperative project in support of our growers! Say hello to El Triunfo.

Hailing from central Huila, a department in southern Colombia, this coffee is from a farm and producer that are a member of Coocentral, a cooperative in central Huila. This cooperative is involved in a variety of smallholder projects in collaboration with our green coffee distributor, Nordic Approach, to help improve the quality of the coffee and the daily systems for the producers. Such projects include technical assistance, follow up, and training with the growers, who receive 100% of the premium paid above the current and daily purchasing prices. The livelihoods of the growers and their communities are also taken into consideration within such projects. Through Coocentral, around $2.8 million has been spent on social programs since 2005, for homes, university education, and health care. From support in building infrastructure on farms, to natural disaster insurance, we’re delighted that we can be of some support to such projects in southern Colombia.

In the cup, we’re a fan of the structured balance of the acidity from the citrus and blackcurrant notes, paired beautifully with the deep, juicy sweetness from the cherry and brown sugar vibes. Any Colombian coffees we’ve released of late have always been a hit with the team in the roastery, our friends in Portview, and customers far and wide. We hope you enjoy El Triunfo as much as these previous releases. We think you will. It’s a real winner.