Fafà Reis, Brazil (170g)

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Process: Natural
Notes: Dark Chocolate Orange, Maple Syrup, Hazelnut

Fafà Reis’ farm in Brazil’s Sul De Minas region is multi-generational and has been producing coffee since 1933. As with much of specialty coffee, the new generation has come along and disrupted the old ways. Inspired by innovation and experimentation elsewhere, Fafà has brought an edge to the coffee production at his father’s farm and is subjecting the coffees to processing techniques that are bringing out better consistency, interesting flavours and cup character helping them lead the way for specialty Brazilian coffee. Multiple stages of pre-anaerobic fermentation are an example of this along with the utilisation of static drying boxes.

When we chose this coffee we invited baristas from some of our partnering cafes as well as a few of the coffee aficionado brewers from next door in Boundary Brewing. Together we cupped many Brazilian coffees which we knew matched our expectations in terms of ethical and sustainable production. Knowing that Telma offered big shoes to fill, we were confident that Fafà’s offering would do so. Almost unanimously, we scored this coffee the highest at the tables, and in fact scored it marginally higher than Telma’s coffees to date.

With notes of dark chocolate, orange, maple syrup and hazelnut, this is another crowd pleaser and whether on espresso or filter, we fully expect the same feedback on this, our new house coffee that we’ve enjoyed over previous years. So, set aside 10 minutes, make yourself a brew, and enjoy.