Gitesi Muama #1, Rwanda (170g)

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Process: Washed
Notes: Red fruit, HIbiscus & Rooibos

For those who’ve been drinking R&B coffee for a while, Gitesi will be no stranger to you. Produced by a father and son combo of Alexei and Aime Gahizi, these coffees always deliver. Whatever may come in terms of changing climate conditions, leaf rust or economic issues, these guys bring us structured, elegant and distinctive coffees year-in, year out.

Located in Western Rwanda, the Gahizi’s, using Aime’s engineering degree, have designed and built a sophisticated water delivery system for processing washed coffees. They are now planning on rolling this out through other washing stations. Added to their technical prowess, they’ve designed a bonus system for producing farmers, guaranteeing better pay for high quality cherries and conscientious farming. All-in-all, it seems to be a rising tide raising all boats here.

This coffee is very typically Rwandan in that it’s located somewhere between African and South American profiles, giving the best of all worlds. Expect sweet dried fruit, berries, but some florality in there too. Muama is an abbreviation of a Rwandan phrase ‘go in peace’, and like the producers who named it, we hope that this coffee brings you a lot of that for these days!