Gotiti Ranger #1, Ethiopia (1kg)


Process: Washed
Notes: Fruit Syrup, Strawberry Jam, Florals

If we do say so ourselves, we do Ethiopians pretty darn well. Especially washed Ethiopians. And Gotiti Ranger is no exception to this. Like we’ve said before, for a coffee to make the subscription box, it really has to jump out at us on the cupping table, and the complexity of this coffee acted as said standout. With such complexity and balance, however, Gotiti does not lose it’s balance in the cup. At the top, there is almost a sour cherry note, yet the mouthfeel is smooth and syrupy, with a lovely florality on the end. When we say this is a complex coffee, we have no doubt you’ll find something new you love about this coffee on each brew!

Bordering Guji towards the south, Banko Gotiti (the washing station) is located 1980m above sea level, and is well known for its heavy and intense floral, stonefruit driven character coffees. This washing station buys cherries from approximately 783 farmers all located in the area. Their farms are on average 2 hectares in size, and sit between 1950m and 2100m above sea level. Well processed coffees from this area have often been universal favourites on our cupping table, and we’re excited to get it out our roastery doors and into your cups!