Imbuto 13, Rwanda (170g)

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Process: Natural
Notes: Tangerine, Dark chocolate, Black cherry

Rwamatamu Coffee Ltd is a family business owned and operated by Mukantwaza Laetitia and Rutaganda Gaston, who have been in the coffee sector for 13+ years. They founded Rwamatamu in 2015 with the goal of being sustainable but also as a means by which to contribute to the fight against poverty in rural communities.

Rwamatamu Coffee Ltd has 20 hectares of coffee plantation from where it harvests its own cherries but also purchases cherries from affiliate co-operatives and local producer families and smallholder farmers. These cherries from different sources are separately collected, processed, sundried, sorted bagged and eventually exported as a premium product.

Rwamatamu’s Coffee has been sold not only in the USA but also in Sweden. Rwamatamu Coffee Ltd also participated and qualified in the African Cup Of Excellence coffee competition.

Located high on the shores above Lake Kivu, the cherries are harvested, washed in spring water, sun dried and then hand picked for quality. Rwamatamu is in the process of gaining organic certification and we just can’t recommend this coffee enough. Expect smooth tangerine notes, with dark chocolate and black cherry.