Introduction to Espresso class

Introduction to Espresso class


We have to confess, when we started Root & Branch, we were ‘filter-heads’. After six months, a significant change took place, and we went in search of the holy grail - the perfect espresso. There’s nowhere to hide with espresso, and when it’s right, we believe that there’s really no better way to experience a beautiful coffee. This fun course is designed with the enthusiastic home espresso brewer in mind and will help even the most seasoned barista sharpen their dial-in skills or latte art.

We will lay some foundations around the history of espresso, espresso machines, and extraction, but for the most part, this is a practical course.

This class is taught at our Roastery and training facility at Portview Trade Centre in East Belfast (Map). The class runs from 10am-12pm and costs £60 which includes a can of coffee of your choice to say ’thanks for playing’.

4 spaces available for each date.