Isaltina, Brazil (170g)

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Process: Natural
Notes: Chocolate Fondant Pudding, White Grape

We’re welcoming another natural Brazilian from the Café Delas project, farmed by a producer who just so happens to be friends with our beloved Telma. Let us introduce you to Isaltina, our latest espresso offering. This coffee is everything we love about a Brazilian coffee, it’s smooth and mellow, with deep chocolate notes in the cup. At the top, there exists a beautiful white grape acidity which leaves a lovely light finish to your brew. If there’s a family member or a friend you’re looking to introduce into the world of specialty coffee, this is an ideal coffee to start with! Balanced, yet with a slight complexity, Isaltina is a treat both black and through milk.

Alongside Telma, Isaltina is a producer within the Café Delas project. In Portuguese, ‘Café Delas’ translates to ‘Her Coffee’, and if I were to use one word to describe this project, it would be empowerment. This project finds its roots in the notion that positive impacts within communities and families will flow from women who are provided with improved access to resources, required knowledge, and an equal voice. It’s a privilege for us here at Root & Branch to continue to support farmers such as Isaltina through projects like Café Delas. We believe community and sustainability go hand in hand, and this specialty coffee community cannot continue to be sustainable if the gender gap does not cease to exist. We’re thankful for such projects that work to close this gap.