Jose Borges, Brazil (1kg)

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Process: Ext. Fermentation Natural
Notes: Dark Chocolate, Sherry, Apple, Blackcurrant

This special extended fermentation lot is sourced from producer Jose Borges. His farm - Fazenda Paraiso - is near the city of Carmo do Paranaiba in the Cerrado region and even at 170 hectares, is still small by Brazilian coffee farm standards. At a typical altitude of just over 1000m for this area, the coffee is harvested before being fermented for 72 hours and then dried on a patio beds. Here are some words from Jose himself: 

“I started in coffee world in 1985 when I planted my first seven hectares. Over the years I went through financial difficulties, environmental, among others, gained experiences and overcame all adversities with my family. After going through these difficult periods, I expanded my farm and invested in structure and quality. Today my property results in high yielding harvests and exceptional flavours.” 

This coffee has a zingy and exotic fruit profile with notes of apple, blackcurrant, chocolate and sherry! If you like the funk, you’ll love this.