Kunasho Anaerobic #1, Ethiopia (1kg)


Process: Anaerobic Natural
Notes: Mango, Papaya, Lime & Parma Violet

Get ready for some serious funk in your cup with this coffee. Kunasho is an anaerobically processed coffee. Here, the cherries are pulped and immediately placed into the fermenting barrels and sealed with an airlock valve in place so that the CO2 released through fermentation pushes any remaining air out of the barrel. The cherries are then fermented like this for between 48-72 hours, depending on the temperature. After such fermentation, the cherries are then pulped and dried on raised beds. The result is a tight and super complex flavour with a great balance. With a smooth and syrup-like mouthfeel, the tropical fruit flavour notes are the major winners of this coffee. Notes of lime, papaya, and mango pair perfectly with a lingering floral finish at the top of the cup.

This coffee hails from a town in Gotiti, a well known part south of Yirgacheffe that emerged from the privatisation of coffee in Ethiopia in 2017, that’s consistently delivered expressive and flavour intensive profiles. We’re excited to bring you this coffee from the Gedeo zone of Ethiopia, an area that lies along the western side of Guji. This area has elevations up to 2993 metres above sea level, and sits on a steep slope on the east of the Ethiopian Highlands. We’re sure this will be the first anaerobically processed coffee for some of you - and what a coffee it is! We hope you enjoy it.