Leon Cortes, Costa Rica (170g)


Process: Natural
Notes: Pear, Caramel, Berries

From Finca Paritilla in the heart of the coffee growing Tarrazu region in Costa Rica, this farm was purchased in 1980 by William Moreno and his family. It’s now got 20 hectares of plantations, more than 80% of which is dedicated to coffee productions. Tarrazu is a unique region and its climate is characterised by 7 consecutive months of rain (May to November), followed by 5 months of dry weather (December to April). The flowering period for coffees extends from November to March. The coffee cherries are harvested during the dry season and then dried on African beds with constant turning to ensure optimum flavour.

If you’re into funk in your cup, you’ll enjoy this one. It’ll be beautiful across all filter brew types and expect lovely sweetness and body on espresso.