Macias #9, Colombia (170g)

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Process: Natural
Notes: Pear Cider, Apple, Strawberries

One of our biggest selling coffees over the last year is a naturally produced Colombian - Bomba De Fruta. Well, for the fans of that number, here’s another ‘fruit bomb’. This time grown in the higher altitude Huila, brothers Nelson and Ferney Macias continue their mother's tradition of growing coffee on their 33 hectare farm, but now, in liaison with the cooperative Coocentral, are producing very interesting coffees by taking risks with their fermentation processes. Recently they have been experimenting by fermenting coffee with cocoa beans!

The risks are paying off, because the expression and character coming from their development is wonderful. Consequently, they are being well paid for their efforts and have invested in new facilities including a cherry hopper, floating pools, drying marquesina and a greenhouse.

With notes of pear cider, apple and strawberries, this will offer plenty of funk across all brew methods.