Nensebo Refisa #1, Ethiopia (Organic) (170g)


Process: Washed
Notes: Lemon Sorbet & Sweet Lemon Tea

Since Simon’s trip to Bale Mountain and West Arsi, we’ve consistently bought from the area. This coffee represents a slight change as it’s from SNAP Coffee’s new washing station and is a washed from the area as opposed to the natural’s we normally got from Bale Mountain.

On the border with Sidama, Bale Mountain is very high altitude (up to 2400m!) and hadn’t traditionally been known as one of Ethiopia’s prized coffee regions. Some of this was to do with restricted access to the forest park, some of it political, and some of it just the inaccessibility of many areas where the coffee grows wild. This year the price has decreased a little, not because of poorer quality, but because they had an exceptionally high yield.

This coffee is a mixture of Wolisho and Kurume varieties and comes from around 390 farmers. They are paid around $0.63 per kg of fresh cherry. Once received, the cherries are depulped and then fermented in water for 72 hours. They are then washed through concrete channels, before another 2 hours of fermentation in water and finally they are dried and hand-sorted.

We’re loving the clean lemon and citrus notes of this coffee. It’s a wonderful fusion of sweetness and acidity and is one of the stand-out washed Ethiopian coffees we’ve cupped this year.