Oreti Estate AB, Kenya (1kg)


Process: Washed
Notes: Green Tea, Apricot, Red Berries

Our first Kenyan of 2022, Oreti is the big cup of fruit you’ve been waiting for. Grown on one of the last medium sized farms in Kenya, Boyce Harries is a 5th generation coffee farmer and this farm is named after the New Zealand beach on which his grandmother met his grandfather for the first time.

An SL28, this coffee is grown in rich volcanic soil at around 1600m. Boyce grows different varietals with some being more resistant to disease than others. SL28 is one of the most renowned and recognised but particularly susceptible, so unless grafted to Batian or Ruiru for example, it’s difficult to guarantee a good harvest. Boyce employs around 40 full-time staff, but around 300 help with the harvest and in turn, are able to bring their kids to the little nursery they provide on the farm.

Oreti is a cup offering floral characteristics, red berries and strong sweet tangerine notes.