Plandanas, Colombia (170g)

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Process: Washed (Organic)
Notes: Blackcurrant, Almond, Caramel, Green Apple

It’s been some months since we selected this coffee and fresh out of our production roaster, its clarity and sweetness makes it a wonderful way to ease into 2024’s range of coffee. With a clean and pple acidity and caramel notes, this is the fruit of some 1,042 small organic growers from the high altitudes of Colombia’s Andes.

Once the cherries are harvested, the selected fruit is de-pulped and fermented to break down the mucilage. It is then washed and dried in a parabolic greenhouse for between 10 and 18 days. Once bagged, it’s shipped and we’re thrilled that it’s now arrived with us and is ready to start its final journey to cafes and to your doors. Enjoy.