Ratnagiri #22, India (170g)


Process: Natural (Ext. Fermentation)
Notes: Milk Chocolate, Christmas Pudding

We’re no strangers to the Ratnagiri Estate here in the roastery, as last year one of our Christmas coffees was another lot from Ratnagiri. And, since it was such a hit last year, we thought we’d bring it back again this year. So, let us introduce you to Ratnagiri Lot 22.

This estate has been in operation under the Patre family since 1920, being passed down from grandfather, to father to son. While initially the son, Ashok, continued with traditional farming practices, he has since spent many years travelling to origin countries, visiting well-known farms, and taking from the best of their practices and incorporating it into his operation at Pearl Mountain.

This lot is a honey processed coffee. After picking, the coffee is de-pulped leaving some mucilage and is then dried on raised beds for 16 to 20 days, where further sorting and preparation takes place for these microdots. The coffee is raked and turned every 3 hours from the first day of drying, and covered in the evenings. The result is a beautiful cup of coffee, with smooth notes of milk chocolate, and a vanilla sweetness. The acidity creates an almost Christmas pudding like experience in the cup. We love it, and we hope you do too.