Ratnagiri #6, India (170g)


Process: Natural (Ext. Fermentation)
Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate, Christmas Pudding

From one of India’s cutting edge coffee farms on the West coast and up in the beautiful Ghat Mountains, this coffee has really caught our attention. Ashok, the 2nd generation 285 acre farm owner, has been particularly conscientious in his study of coffee farming and processing. He’s travelled extensively to other origins to see what he can learn and implement given his own context. He’s playing with new genetic hybrids and varietals as well as various experimental processing methods. This particular natural which is made up of Catuai, Chandnageri and Selection 6 varietals, is dried in cherry on patio tables for around 21 days and then bagged in plastic bags for extended fermentation. The result is surprisingly clean with a sparkling acidity and is brimful of milk chocolate with hints of spice and dried fruit. We’re pleased to be able to offer our first Indian and think that it will be a decadent accompaniment to your Christmas.