Rwamatamu Peaberry, Rwanda (1kg)

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Process: Peabody, Washed
Notes: Caramel, Orange and Black Tea

This is a first from a new partner in Omwani Coffee. We met James from Omwani at the London Coffee Festival in 2017. Since then, we’ve watched his company grow from working exclusively in Uganda and now to Rwanda too. We took to him and his vision for coffee but wanted to see how then new project developed. So far, he’s leaned into his value model and continued to bring lesser known but fantastic coffee to market, extolling smaller producers committed to quality.

This is perfect example. Rwamatamu is a high quality washed Rwandan peaberry coffee from the Western region of the country. Founded in 2015 this project was first conceived of as a plan to alleviate rural poverty. The farm and washing station started by Mukantwatza Laetitia and Rutaganda Gatson is 20 hectares but they also purchase cherries from local cooperative members and small coffee producing families.

The coffee is grown in volcanic soil at between 1600-2000m. This is an organic coffee and will soon be certified as such. Allied to this, along with its intention to improve the livelihood of the local community, 80% of it is produced by females. All that said, we’re thrilled to bring you a coffee with values focused on both quality as well as equality.

Expect notes of caramel, orange and black tea and we suggest brewing it as filter and pouring over ice for a refreshing summer coffee.