Villa Clabelinota #2, Colombia (1kg)


Process: Washed
Notes: Raspberries, Strawberries, Black Pepper & Chocolate

Somewhat of a staple in the world of Root & Branch of late, and a name you’ll be all too familiar with, it’s the welcome return of Juan Saldariagga, Not that he ever really left, it almost feels like we’ve had a constant Juan rotation on our shelves. And there’s a reason for that! If you’ve been blown away by a Colombian coffee from us in recent years, the likelihood is Juan has had something to do with it, consistently producing incredibly impressive cups. Villa Clabelinota is no different. This is a well structured, process driven coffee. It’s interesting, bright, and juicy. This coffee has a beautiful balance, with the deep sweetness from the berry notes combining well with the smoothness of the chocolate and caramel notes.

This coffee comes from a farm called Villa Clabelina, a farm that is a member of the Coffee Growers Association. This group of farmers work together to improve their production protocols and methods, as well as share their knowledge amongst one another on production and processing. This group was started by Juan Saldariagga, who has been conducting processing experiments at his family’s farms to produce improved and differentiated products. He has been sharing the skills he has developed with the group members to help them achieve better results in their overall production.

The Villa Clabelina farm originates from the work of a traditional Antioqueña family that for several generations has cultivated the lands of southwest Antioquia. Sustainability is their main objective, and they work to guarantee a product with high quality standards while conserving the environment. As always, we are delighted to be showcasing coffees from farms such as Villa Clabelina.