In 2016 we opened our doors on a humble Belfast back street. Our delightful little space was only big enough to install a roaster and a coffee bar. As Belfast’s first specialty micro-roastery, we had no model, no one to ask advice from, we were just determined to join the dots between community and culture, coffee chemistry and flavour.

Memories of conflict still lingered in the city, but the growth of social spaces graced with the smell of good coffee spoke of a new era. Our live acoustic Sunday Sessions often saw our little courtyard impossibly full week after week as friends and travelling musicians played, sang, and drank coffee with us.

As a growing collective of loyal customers and soon-to-be friends supported us, the media gave us some generous accolades, and we grew. Soon two new cafes were added and we developed our Irish kitchen, celebrating the best of seasonal local produce prepared in ways that echo past culinary traditions, but with reimagined creativity.

Throughout these changes, our values have remained constant. In working with farmers and green coffee importers we believe in, we will roast and bring you sustainable and delicious coffees that we love.